True patriots don’t have flag poles

So many “patriots” make a point of planting a giant pole in their yard and bitch at other Americans for their lack of patriotism. I mean, that’s the point of a flag pole, isn’t it? To show everyone how much more of a true patriot you are, how you respect America more?

We have an asshole down the block with a pole that has the American flag posted atop a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. (He also had a Trump-Pence yard sign, so yes, I know he’s an asshole.) His American flag is never taken down. That’s right, it stays up all night and is shredded. Today, of course, is Pearl Harbor Day, and flags are at half-staff. Except this jerk’s. But he’s a True patriot, only too lazy to make the effort to treat his flag with respect.

The flag must be taken down every night (or posted with a spotlight on it if not) and should be retired when ragged. I bet when he does finally take it down, he’ll just throw it in a drawer.

If you’re going to be pretentious about your patriotism, maybe get off your ass and read something about it. Then make the daily effort such patriotism demands.

You do not love Jesus

crucifix-silhouetteYou live a moral life. You follow the Bible’s commandments as told to you through your church. You turn to your family and friends and your city and tell everyone they should be living like you. You say it’s not because YOU say this, but because God does, because Jesus does, because it is Truth. You are living as Jesus wants, and you will try to make everyone live as He wants.

Then years pass and the leaders of your church begin to speak differently. They say that the things you do are not the best. Things others are doing are better. They say Jesus has been misused and that He really wants you to change what you’re doing.

Do you change what you are doing to conform or do you turn away and condemn this church?

Oh, I know quite well that you picked this church in the first place simply because it supported what you already believed. You picked a church that made you feel all right with your bigotry: the church once told you it was righteous for you to use politics to prevent people from loving who they wanted and to control women’s sexuality and their bodies and their power. But you didn’t admit this made the homophobia and sexism you already harbored easier. You didn’t care this made you drunk with power and anger and required no conversion of the heart.

Now that the church that once interpreted the world in a way that made you comfortable, requires you to change, you turn away and condemn it.

Welcome to the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis, a man who lives the spirit of Jesus, exhorting us to put aside politics and help the poor, comfort refugees, love the outcasts. But it’s so hard! It’s so HARD to love those Jesus called us to love while scheming to stack the Supreme Court at the expense of an administration that helps the rich and takes away all support for the poor, the marginalized, and the outcast.

You do not love Jesus.




Red-state tax cheats

You believed the lie started by Reagan about the “welfare queens” populating urban ghettos. The truth is the rural areas are soaking up your tax money. Urban areas pay in MORE taxes and get LESS services than rural areas. In addition to that inequity, the rural areas get a bigger vote in the electoral college. So you can shove your Tea Party up your ass. Story here.

The gap between the two extremes is remarkable. South Dakota, one of the most empowered states in the country, received almost twice the return on taxes as California, the country’s most populated state, while also commanding nearly twice as much power per capita in the Electoral College. If anyone should be declaring themselves the heirs to the Boston patriots who rebelled against the unjust taxation of King George, it’s the big city blue state citizens who are funding a system that by law undercounts their votes.


Logic finds no champion on Trump’s watch

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser. No, seriously. Trump wants the guy who spread the hoax that Secretary Clinton ran a pedophile ring out of a Washington pizzeria named “Comet Ping Pong.” So this week, a dude named Ed Welch made his way to that pizzeria and shot off a gun in it. He was there to “see for himself” if the stories were true. He decided they weren’t. Story here.

Just what will be Gen. Flynn’s role?

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs is appointed by the President without confirmation by the Senate. He serves as an honest broker of policy options for the President in the field of national security, offers daily advice to the President independently of the vested interests of the large bureaucracies and clientele of those departments, and updates the President on the latest events in a crisis situation. (Wikipedia)

How ignorant are conservatives that they would believe this story? How desperately craven are conservative leaders that they would spread it? Even after this story broke, Flynn’s adult son, himself a member of the Trump transition team, tweeted that the pizzeria story must be proven false for him to stop spreading the rumor.