True patriots don’t have flag poles

So many “patriots” make a point of planting a giant pole in their yard and bitch at other Americans for their lack of patriotism. I mean, that’s the point of a flag pole, isn’t it? To show everyone how much more of a true patriot you are, how you respect America more?

We have an asshole down the block with a pole that has the American flag posted atop a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. (He also had a Trump-Pence yard sign, so yes, I know he’s an asshole.) His American flag is never taken down. That’s right, it stays up all night and is shredded. Today, of course, is Pearl Harbor Day, and flags are at half-staff. Except this jerk’s. But he’s a True patriot, only too lazy to make the effort to treat his flag with respect.

The flag must be taken down every night (or posted with a spotlight on it if not) and should be retired when ragged. I bet when he does finally take it down, he’ll just throw it in a drawer.

If you’re going to be pretentious about your patriotism, maybe get off your ass and read something about it. Then make the daily effort such patriotism demands.