Opportunity costs and Facebook

I’ve been off Facebook for over a month now. Feels good. The longer I’m away, the less I want to go back. I quit for several reasons:

  1. discovering most of my online friends were conservatives who lacked critical thinking skills and compassion
  2. the opportunity cost I was paying

I do a lot and want to do more. I’m a published author, illustrator, and personal trainer. I’ve not had time to do any of these things as much as I’d like. It’s true life gets in the way, especially when you have two partners and two children and two dogs and a live-in mother to include in your activities. But there is the 1-2 hours I used to spend on social media every day.

Consider this:

  • What are you giving up because you’re distracted with unfulfilling diversions?
  • What are you willing to give up for the opportunity to pursue your priorities?

rowdy-vulcan-opportunity -costAs a trainer, I can tell you everyone says they don’t have time to exercise. Of course they do. With introspection they would realize they have lots of time if exercise were a priority. But social media, games, restaurants, television, and other entertainments usually come first. As for cost, well, the $5 lattes usually come first, too, as well as satellite television, streaming video, 2-3 cars, and clothes from department stores.

Years ago, I quit television. My evening social activity changed to become group work outs at a box gym. These people became my friends even after I left. Health-focused friends are good to have! I stream one video service now and usually watch during a meal rather than in addition to meals. My clothes come mostly from Goodwill and Stuff, Etc. Choices like these make life easier for me and let me put my time and money to things I value most.

But that’s my path, with my choices and my consequences. What you don’t change, you choose. If you accept the consequences of whatever you choose without whining, I’m not going to give you a hard time, no matter how different we are. It’s the people who make excuses, as if they’re helpless or as if life is somehow harder for them. I know people who really have had shit lives, and they are the ones who complain least and work the hardest at meeting their dreams.

So I try not to whine and just do. And don’t. My do will be more art. My don’t will be social media. I can’t get rid of it completely due to my businesses. I have to research and post and that means lots of online time. It’s a tightrope, one I’m going to balance on better in 2017.