It just keeps getting worse

Well then, no need to worry. This is like the secret information Trump had about Russia that he was going to divulge last Tuesday…and didn’t.

In the interview, Mr. Trump provided no details about how his plan would work or what it would cost. He spoke in the same generalities that he used to describe his health care goals during the campaign — that it would be “great health care” that left people “beautifully covered.” NYT

We elected a man who doesn’t read, who gets his information from television and his popularity as well, and treats stereotypes as facts; as in tweeting that Senator Lewis fix the “burning and crime-infested inner city” problems when his district holds Emory College and Morehouse University. But, see, Lewis is an African American, so rich white dude thinks it fair to assume it’s all poor inner city.

I left Facebook to quit hearing ridiculous shit, but this twilight zone we call 2017 hits me with ridiculous shit that’s legitimate journalism every day. And many of my friends and family put him in the White House.

Many did it for “Jesus”. I guess he’s a republican. He’s all down with making poor people poorer because they don’t deserve help–lazy, you know. Making sick people sicker because healthy people want more money to buy shit–Jesus came to help the consumers.