Trump Supporters are Nihilists

A client entered group and announced she was dedicating her work out to the woman’s march on Washington. Another client already there said she was on the other side.

I asked, “You like Trump?”

She said, “I do.”

I said, “He scares me.”

She replied, “Good.”

Now, in that “good” — along with plenty of smugness — is a whole lot of ignorance. She misunderstood, as ignorance that runs on arrogance often does.

I’d be happy to break the corporate hold on Washington and end corruption. My fear isn’t that Trump is taking away establishment privilege and reducing corruption. Hell, far from it.

I replied to my client that Trump just appointed 5 former Goldman-Sachs executives to politically powerful posts. These are billionaires who made money from foreclosing on risky mortgages that the taxpayers ended up paying for so that these same Goldman-Sachs executives could keep their profit. Goldman-Sachs was “too big to fail”, so the taxpayers paid off the bank’s debt and the executives, who left with their booty, got to keep their profit. However, my client stared back dumbly. Dumb, as in she had no reply.

this-modern-worldTHIS IS WHY TRUMP SCARES ME.

Trump supporters hear the rhetoric and shout “yeah!” without understanding, and are, in fact, nihilists. They wish to laud themselves with the title of “making America great again” or “fighting for America” or “true patriots” or some other shit that makes them feel as if they have a hand in destiny. But they are building NOTHING. They are apes happy to topple the towers other hard-workers built.

Trump is building nothing. He doesn’t know how to build. His business ventures did NOT make money or create jobs. His business ventures all failed except real estate which merely maintained and did not thrive until just now, when — as president — he raised his hotel rates to have foreign and local business interests shelling out to stay in his rooms. By last year, no American bank would give him a loan because he was such a bad risk. Now, as president, he will not divest his holdings and it will be his businesses — not his job working for the American people — that will make him profit, more than we will even know since he refuses to be transparent. So much to hide, and his supporters don’t care, because Trump SMASH!

So, to all you Trump supporters who think you hired a CEO, you’re fools. You hired a wrecking ball whose lack of understanding or care will destroy programs that have protected you, your children, your health, and your environment from rapacious corporate interests.

So my client says, “We’ll see.”

This is the best she has to defend against the overwhelming evidence that our current president is petty, vindictive, selfish, and ignorant.