The CEO you hired

This is a tremendous post I ran across at Quora. It’s in response to a Trump supporter who wonders why Democrats won’t just “give Trump a chance.” Hahaha! I could ask why this Trumpian didn’t just “give Hillary a chance” — but I already know it’s because Trump supporters lack critical thinking skills.

So, let’s say your company hired a new CEO. By popular vote, but not really.

The new CEO, before he even gets there, announces he’s going to give high-paying, high-impact jobs to random people he knows, regardless of their ability to actually do the job.

The CEO announces he’s going to get rid of the company health plan. He promises “something better” but he’s already started the process of cancelling your health care with absolutely no plan to put something else in.

The future CEO also announces he’s buddies/not buddies with a rival firm who’s been trying to steal your company’s secrets and business for years. Maybe he even throws around the idea of a merger or a buyout… it’s just business right?

He’s also announced his intention to put all Muslim employees in the basement, under security cameras.

He has a history of not only dismissing sexual assault complaints, but actually bragging that he can do whatever he wants to women. He announces his intention to “inspect” the ladies room whenever he thinks there might be a transexual in there.

This is your job- you are about to be taking orders from junior executives who have no idea what they are doing, but have a lot of relatives who are bidding on company contracts.

You just sit back and watch all this coming and say, “I’m sure it will be great. Let’s see what he can do!”

Right? No cause for alarm.
Myra Scott