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Question: Why do you need a Master’s Degree to become a librarian, especially when the median salary is barely above $50,000?

Answer: I’m halfway through my master’s right now. Classes center around three topics.

  1.  The philosophy of librarianship
  2.  The business side and management aspects of running a library
  3.  The nitty gritty of turning raw information into a searchable form and organizing it into something relatively intuitive for the layman.

Compared to most degree programs, it’s not difficult. But there is a lot more to it than people realize.

I’m willing to get the degree and spend the rest of my life making a five-figure salary because I’m passionate about reading, history, knowledge, democracy, sticking it to the man, helping people realize their full intellectual potential, and – yes – getting a pension and medical for life. I used to work for the most hated bank in America and I didn’t like myself or what I was doing to the poor people in my community. Now I like waking up on Mondays. Do you know how good it feels to talk Harry Potter with a seven-year-old? Or help a woman covered in bruises find legal aid to escape her abusive husband? It feels amazing. It’s worth it to me.

Inaugural Ron Jeremy AMA 

Best part of the Trump inauguration was Ron Jeremy doing an AMA in Reddit. Thanks, Reddit, for helping me get through it.

“All man…no myth…the LEGEND”

Good advice: the business isn’t as classy as when he got started. But if you work with your boyfriend, it’s not so bad.

OMG some funny stuff as he answers questions about his 35 years in porn.



*mic drop *