Logic finds no champion on Trump’s watch

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser. No, seriously. Trump wants the guy who spread the hoax that Secretary Clinton ran a pedophile ring out of a Washington pizzeria named “Comet Ping Pong.” So this week, a dude named Ed Welch made his way to that pizzeria and shot off a gun in it. He was there to “see for himself” if the stories were true. He decided they weren’t. Story here.

Just what will be Gen. Flynn’s role?

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs is appointed by the President without confirmation by the Senate. He serves as an honest broker of policy options for the President in the field of national security, offers daily advice to the President independently of the vested interests of the large bureaucracies and clientele of those departments, and updates the President on the latest events in a crisis situation. (Wikipedia)

How ignorant are conservatives that they would believe this story? How desperately craven are conservative leaders that they would spread it? Even after this story broke, Flynn’s adult son, himself a member of the Trump transition team, tweeted that the pizzeria story must be proven false for him to stop spreading the rumor.