This land is your land, this land is — no it isn’t

Now I get it. Trump has decided he owns this country. He’s that obnoxious man yelling at his neighbors to stay off his lawn.

In its argument for an appeal, the Justice Department had said the president had an “unreviewable authority” to suspend the entry of any class of foreigners.

The Justice Department argued that the president acted well within his constitutional authority. Blocking the order, it concluded, “immediately harms the public by thwarting enforcement of an Executive Order issued by the President, based on his national security judgment.” NYT

“Unreviewable authority”? You mean, like a dictator?

His “national security judgment”? You mean the man who avoids the security briefings and has seated inexperienced yes-men as his advisers, like Steve Bannon, former Goldman-Sachs executive and alt-right news mogul, was given a seat on the NSC usually reserved for generals?

I just keep watching SNL to stay sane.

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