My son reads a lot. He thinks a lot. Today, he mentioned he thought one day we’ll have people who feel transracial, in the way we have transgendered people.

I put a halt to that thinking right away. 

Not that he’s wrong. But if he mentions that idea, he’ll be attacked and ridiculed by…liberals. 

Remember Rachel Dolezal? A few years ago she was all over the news for being transracial. Only, many liberals still say there is no such thing (some psychologists disagree), that it doesn’t compare to transgender at all, and besides she was lying for employment advantages.

Existing squarely in the post modern/deconstructionist mindset that I am, I defended the idea of transracial identity on the same grounds I defend transgender. Both are socially-constructed categories. Humans move into and out of such categories quite easily.

Of course, there are frauds sometimes, and Dolezal may have been one, but in principle, I couldn’t find an adequate argument to deny the reality of transracial identity. No one who attacked me could, either. 

If, as a liberal, you feel a transracial person is lying, that such a thing doesn’t exist, and the person is just using the category for advantage, then you should well understand why conservatives give you hell about which toilet everyone uses.

I lost a number of liberal friends on social media who blasted me for thinking transgender and transrace are equivalent. They vanished amid hysteria when I asked for a logical argument.

Gender is a category socially-constructed with privileges and liabilities, based on some physical characteristics. Race is a category socially constructed with privileges and liabilities, based on some physical characteristics. One could argue one or the other is more complex, more physical, more consequential. 

Psychologists have said they see transracial people living in fear of coming out in the same way transgendered people have in the past. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on a logical argument that makes them qualitatively different…while telling my son to be careful.

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